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Refund Policy

You reserve the privilege to pull back from Evoseedbox service within 7 Days of signup without giving any explanation but we would request you to provide us a reason so that we can improve our services. The withdrawal time frame will terminate after 7 days from the day of the starting of the service.

To practice the privilege of withdrawal, you should notify Evoseedbox of your choice to pull back from the service contract by an explicit statement in the ticket section.

To fulfill the withdrawal time constraint, it is adequate for you to send your request concerning your activity of the refund before the withdrawal time has expired.

We will repay all payments got from you, immediately and on any occasion not later than 30 days from the day on which we are notified about your choice to pull back from the service.

We will complete such repayment utilizing the same methods for payments that you utilized for the initial transaction except if you have explicitly asked for something else; on any occasion, you may receive a nominal charge from the payment gateway for the transaction.

If you have utilized the Services in an unfair manner or outside of the terms of service before conveying your desire for withdrawal to us, we maintain all authority to charge you the expense relating to the period for which you have utilized the Services and any charges incurred by us from the payment gateway.

We do not endure any abuse of our services. So, as to prevent maltreatment of these Terms, Evoseedbox claims all authority to decline future services to (i) a client who looks for numerous refunds; and (ii) a client who has breached these Terms of Services.