This guide will set up Emby. Learn more about Emby here. 

Emby will allow you to stream your content nearly anywhere.

First, to set Emby up, you need to install it on your seedbox.

emby 1

After it’s installed on your seedbox, you will be greeted by this screen.

emby 2 1

Next, select your preferred user name and password. You have the option to link your Emby account if you already have one.

emby 3


After the account has been created, we need to add some media to watch. You will be greeted by this screen.

Select “New Library”.

emby 4

This screen will appear. Select the appropriate options for your media.

emby 5

Here is the list of options for the content type. 

emby 6 1

Next click on the new folder, to add the path to your seedbox. My path is as shown, and the black-out area is my user name. If you are unsure what your path should be, check your FTP program, in my case, I use WinSCP and the following path.

emby 7
emby 8

Once your path has been added, you will be greeted by this screen, click next.

emby 9

Select the language you prefer. Leave the defaults as shown below.

emby 10

Accept TOS

emby 11

Click finish, and you can download any of their apps to use with Emby.

emby 12

Next, you will need to sign in to the website with your user name and password from earlier.

emby 13

After that, you are done. You will see your media library and you can select what to watch.

emby 14