Using electorrent as torrent client

One cool way to use the seedbox is through the use of electorrent and make it act as the default torrent file handler.

To do this, do the following steps

  • Download a torrent file
  • Right-click on it, hover on Open with, and then click on Choose another app
using electoreent 1


Then select electorrent from the list, for some you might have to scroll a bit to locate electorrent on the list,

using electoreent 2new


Put the checkmark on Always use this app to open .torrent files and click okay.

Now double click on any torrent file and it will directly load into electorrent.

using electoreent 3


Adding torrents to Electorrent manually

You can drag and drop a  torrent tracker file to electorrent

using electoreent 4

Or you can manually add them by clicking on the File menu item and then either choose by file or by link.  In the pate torrent URL option, you can also paste magnet links.

using electoreent 5