How to install CouchPotato to your Seedbox

Author: John
13th Mar 2017

This guide will show you how to make installation of CouchPotato easy and fast!

Follow the steps below to link CouchPotato  to your Seedbox:

  • Open the web panel
  • Install CouchPotato
  • Log in to CouchPoato
  • Select ‘Advanced’ in Settings
  • Set the user details in CouhPotato Settings


Step 1. Opening the web panel.

Opening the web panel is easy, log in to your client area, select Services. Seedbox webpanel open


Step 2. Install CouchPotato:

Scroll below in your client area to the CouchPotato button and click Install.Install CouchPotato


Step 3. Log in to CouchPotato:

Click on the ‘Open’ button after CouchPotato is installed. It should look next way:Install CouchPotato

Once CouchPotato login screen opens up, fill in your username name and password from your Seedbox details:

Install CouchPotato


Couchpotato will open up, on the bottom left corner click on the gear options and select Settings.

Install CouchPotato


Step 4. Select Advanced Settings.

On the top right part of screen there is a slider button. Put it to right to activate Advanced options.

Install CouchPotato

This is it! Now your CouchPotato is installed and ready for work!


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