Navigate to your client area and install Synclounge, by pressing install. After it’s installed, you will see this.

synclounge 1

Click Open and you will be greeted by this screen. Make sure you have your user name and password from the client area open in notepad, as you can’t navigate back to the client area while the prompt box is open.

synclounge 2

Click sign in with plex.

synclounge 3

After you click sign in, you will be greeted by this screen, click sign in or use a different email.

synclounge 4

Select your plex player. I used the recommended plex player.

synclounge 5

Select connect.

synclounge 6

Select the best server. This will be unique to your location.

synclounge 7

Enter a room name and password.

synclounge 8

Select your Plex server

synclounge 9

Once you select your server, you will be able to select the media you would like to watch with your special someone.