Setting up Team Speak

“Teamspeak TeamSpeak is a proprietary voice-over-Internet Protocol application for audio communication between users on a chat channel, much like a telephone conference call. Users typically use headphones with a microphone.”

First we need to install team speak, do so by navigating down and pressing install.

team speak 1

After the install is complete, school back up and locate Teamspeak and click the eye icon to launch the app. Please note, the install can take some time to complete.

team speak 2

After you click the eye icon, you will be greeted with your server info, as seen below.

team speak 3new

Once you have that information, launch Teamspeak. You will be greeted by this screen.

team speak 4

Next click connections at the top right of Teamspeak. You will see this screen. Paste in your server information in this format.


team speak 5

Next your privilege key will need to be entered. Mine was blank, so I clicked ok. If yours is not blank, enter it here and click ok.

team speak 6

After you enter the correct key, you will see this screen. You are done! Enjoy your server.

team speak 7