Restarting Rutorrent on Seedbox

Why and when should you restart the Rutorrent?

It is an ideal behavior of an app that never needs to be restarted but there are some conditions and circumstances where an occasional restart ensures the smooth and error-free operation of Rutorrent client.

Some general circumstances when restarting rutorrent is needed

  • Torrents are having errors (torrents have become red)
  • Plugins like Autotools are not working.
  • btsync cannot sync files.
  • Timestamp labels like “Created on “ etc are not showing. 
  • HDD quota limit reached error even you have used HDD under the limit.

The overall process of restarting the rutorrent is quite simple and you can do it within rutorrent itself.

  1. Open up your rutorrent interface and click on this rutorrent manager icon on your top panel as shown in the screenshot.
screenshot 315

      2. Once you click on the button, the rutorrent manager dialogue panel will show up. Once it shows up click on stop and wait for a few seconds and it will stop you rtorrent. It should look something like this :

screenshot 319

You can now click on the start button to start the rutorrent again, please wait for some time after clicking on the start button as it will take some time to get stable after restart  :

screenshot 320

      4. That’s it your rutorrent will be back online and you can again use it, it just takes a few seconds and should fix any/most of your rutorrent related errors.