Password Policy

How Evoseedbox Stores Passwords 

Evoseedbox utilizes confided in programming stages, permitting you to have the most ideal experience. Here, we depict the stages used to control our services and how every stage deals with the passwords. If it’s not too much trouble, note that the vast majority of the passwords put away on our servers are encoded and hashed utilizing different encryptions.


Evoseedbox Client Area (WHMCS)

Evoseedbox utilizes WHMCS for overseeing deals, provisioning of seedbox openings, email spread, services declarations, and payment. It utilizes industry-driving security principles to encode and get your data put away on our workers. The secret key put away on our servers is hashed.

UCP App Passwords

Your application passwords, which are the passwords used to log in to your dashboard, are put away in plain content and are simply accessible to the client. This is for the Evoseedbox support group to get to your introduced applications at whatever point you request support. Evoseedbox support staff would not access said introduced applications except if the client sends a help ticket, or asks a staff help for it on the live chat. In such cases, we would ask you for some details about your personal information collected to confirm.


Outsider App Passwords

Certain applications (like SickChill) are known to store validation subtleties and personal data in plaintext, including passwords and API keys. This conduct is outside the ability to control and it is at the client’s sole attentiveness to choose to confide in these applications with this information. On the off chance that you wish to see the application’s conduct being referred to change, if it’s not too much trouble, report this issue to the app support straightforwardly. All things considered, Evoseedbox’s seedboxes are secured so no one but you can get to your information on your login and not anybody else’s. 


How might you help

You can assist us with making Evoseedbox safer by picking extraordinary and solid passwords for your records. The following are a few hints on the most proficient method to pick a solid secret word: 

  • Make your secret key special.
  • Ensure that you don’t utilize similar secret keys in various services.
  • Utilizing similar secret words on various accounts is hazardous. On the off chance that somebody gets your password for one account, they could get to your email, address, and your monetary data.
  • Make your passwords longer and simple to recall by you.
  • The more drawn out your secret key, the more grounded it will be. Ensure your Password is at any rate 12 characters in length. 


Here are a few hints that you can use to make long and essential passwords: 
  • A statement from a film or film 
  • An entry from a book
  • Expressions


Keep away from passwords that could be effortlessly speculated by individuals who know you or anything from your effectively available individual data pages, for example, your online media profiles. 

Likewise, stay away from passwords that utilization your own data like your moniker, initials, significant dates, and others. 

Try not to utilize normal words, console examples, and expressions like password, 1234, abcd, and qwerty. 

Try not to utilize a word in reverse, for example, “321drowssap,” because switching a word doesn’t improve your password’s security in the smallest. 

Utilize a password supervisor. 

If you experience issues overseeing or recollecting your passwords, think about utilizing a confided password managers. The following are our proposals: 

  • Bitwarden 
  • LastPass 
  • LessPass 
  • KeePass 


Powerless Password Policy

Evoseedbox is effectively promising clients to utilize solid passwords for their records. Evoseedbox doesn’t hold any obligation if the client account gets bargained because of powerless passwords or utilizing similar passwords at numerous sites. It is normal for aggressors to utilize brute force or word reference assaults to access your records. That is the reason we strongly suggest utilizing a fair length of passwords with respectable intricacy. Kindly utilize the solid password tips we have proposed in the upper section.