Installing and setting up Clarkson

“Clarkson is a web-based dashboard application that gives you a neat and clean interface for logging your fuel fill-ups for all of your vehicles. The application has full multi-user support, as well as multiple vehicles per user. Whenever you fill-up your car or motorcycle, keep the receipt and record the data in Clarkson.”

clarkson 1

After you install Clarkson, navigate to your client area and open Clarkson, by clicking the eye.

clarkson 2new

You will be asked for your user name and password. Use the log in information from your EVO client area.

clarkson 3

After you are logged in, you will be greeted by this screen.

clarkson 4

Now its time to add your vehicle. Select vehicles from the top tool bar and you will see this screen. Click “add vehicle”.

clarkson 5

After you click “add vehicle” you will be greeted by this screen. Enter in as much information as you would like then click “save changes”

clarkson 6

After you have your vehicle added, click the “Settings” tab on the top of the web page. You will see this screen, where you can change your units of measurements. Click save after adjusting your information.

clarkson 7

To add your re fueling information. At the top of the web page, select “Fill-Ups” and you will see this screen. Select your vehicle and then select “Add fuel log”

clarkson 8new

Now add in the information from your recipe and click save.

After you enter in 2 fuel logs, you can see some interesting and helpful data.