Incidence policy

Incident response and security policy

Regardless of everybody’s diligent attempts and reviews, security incidents are unavoidable in the business. Your security is critical to us, and we are completely dedicated to its security and that of our customers. We keep on keeping a culture of straightforwardness and honesty, which likewise stretches out to our way to deal with announcing security incidents. Evoseedbox will make the accompanying moves: 

Close all associations with Evoseedbox servers, WHMCS, or some other open spot to determine the incident quickly. 

When any Incidents are detailed or found by us, we will distribute this on our correspondence channels, including our site and our Discord server. We will likewise begin messaging the customers influenced, however, it may take some time for every one of the messages to reach. 

If you’re encountering issues with your services, please reachout to us in chat. It’s most probable you will see some upkeep business related to your hub. On the off chance that there is no continuous upkeep, go ahead and open a ticket to explore your Issues and guide you. 



To keep confiding in us, we have distributed a couple of fundamental pieces of exceptionally significant data for you. We need to be just about as straightforward as could be expected and share all the data that we store and how we store and use them. 

  • Content Abuse Policy 
  • Subprocessors and Cookies Policy 
  • Bug Bounty Program 
  • Worldwide Privacy Practices 
  • Secret key Policy 
  • Username Policy 
  • Security and Data Handling Policy 
  • Discount Policy 
  • Delicate Data Removal Policy
  • Terms of Service 


Security first accomplices and sellers

We evaluate outsider accomplices and sellers for fit and security hazards dependent on the administrations they give. We additionally ensure the correct specialized and legally binding responsibilities are set up. 

We use N+1, Tier 3 server farm sellers considering your accessibility and security—and with actual security. 

Utilization of VLAN, To keep the information free from any harm and to keep away from conceivable sneaking, we utilize private VLANs at our organization suppliers and 


How Might You Help

As we depict in our Terms of Service and on our security page, we do our most extreme to guarantee that Evoseedbox is free from any danger – to assist us with ensuring it further, you can help us in the accompanying manners: 


Stick to our Password Policy. 

Moderate your account sharing, don’t impart your account to individuals you don’t have the grayest idea. 

Tell Evoseedbox if you notice any unapproved utilization of or access our foundation through your record, including any unapproved utilization of your secret word. 


Report a security incident, vulnerability, or misuse

Kindly advise Evoseedbox backing to report a security occasion, as unapproved account utilization or a speculated information break. 

Report a weakness – Please visit our Bug Bounty Program for definite data on how you can report any weaknesses and get remunerated. 

Eliminate delicate information – Need personal information eliminated from Evoseedbox? See our Sensitive Data Removal Policy. 

Peruse our Content Abuse Policy to figure out how you can report any copyright content abuse.