How to transfer files from your seedbox to your Google Drive?

There are multiple ways to transfer your data from your seedbox. You can use an FTP connection to download files to your device or use the btsync app.

One of the most convenient ways is using the Evoseedbox Google Drive Integration. A few steps and all your chosen files are transferred automatically.

In this article, I will teach you how to transfer files from your seedbox to your Google Drive.

Steps to upload files from seedbox to Google Drive

Step 1: Select all the files that your want to transfer and move/copy them to the “sbToDrive” folder.

(You can use Filegator for this)

pasted image 1


Step 2: Click on the Google Drive button in your client area.

pasted image 2


Step 3: Click the link provided in the pop-up

pasted image 3 1


Step 4: Select the Google Account you want to use the drive of and click the allow button.

pasted image 4


Step 5: A code will appear, copy the code and paste the code in the pop-up.

pasted image 5


Step 6: You can create a back-up for your app’s configuration, but this is an optional step.

pasted image 6


Step 7: Click on upload, Your files will start transferring and you will see the sbToDrive folder in your Google drive.

pasted image 7

That’s it, in some time, head-on to your google drive to view all the files from your seedbox in the sbToDrive folder.