How to reset your seedbox?

Before thinking about resetting there are a couple of things that need to be kept in mind. Resetting the seedbox will lead to the complete loss of the existing data. Also, there are times where there is no actual need to reset the seedbox. If you are facing any of the following problems there is no need to reset the seedbox:

  • Rutorrent having speed issues or not opening- In this case please try resetting the session or resetting the IRSSI  and then restarting the rutorrent as shown below.
    Note. resetting the session will lead to a complete selection of the currently added torrents which can be found in the .torrent backup folder.
seedbox hdd
client evo
seedbox reset
seedbox restart
  • In case you face any issues with apps not opening or the classic ‘The site cannot be reached an error. Please try reinstalling the app with the existing config once or twice and if the issue still persists try reinstalling the app with a new config.
screenshot 445
screenshot 446
screenshot 447

If you still face any other issues and feel that you still want to reset the seedbox. Please raise a ticket describing your issue. Our dev team will look after the issue and will do a reset if it is necessary.