How to get maximum transfer speed using  FTP in Filezilla?

By following this guide you will be able to get maximum download speeds as well as you’ll be able to use concurrent downloads which will make downloading multiple files a lot quicker and efficient.

Filezilla recently has earned a lot of popularity in the FTP client applications thanks to its easy-to-use UI  and interactive dashboard which shows both your local machine’s as well as your seedbox’s file structure.

Like any other application, we want to utilize most of the app’s potential especially download and upload speeds. In File Zilla you can use certain techniques and changes in settings to improve download speeds.

Let’s see by an example how to set up these settings both for faster download speeds and concurrent downloads.

Open Filezilla and open the edit tab in the top-left corner.

screenshot 378 edited

Click on ‘settings’ in the edit drop-down menu

screenshot 380

Click on the ‘Transfers’ tab on the left side.

screenshot 382

In the ‘Transfers’, the first option you will see is the ‘Maximum simultaneous transfers ‘ with its default value is 2 which can go up to a maximum of 10  concurrent downloads at once. You can modify these settings to adjust your concurrent downloads.

Use these settings and you’ll see 10 files being in queue for download at once.

screenshot 381

By using the above settings you will be able to increase the overall number of files being transferred and get maximum download speed possible.

It is also advisable that you stop all your active torrents while performing a file transfer as it ca provide an extra speed boost