How to create torrents using ruTorrent

Did you know that you can create your own torrents!? Yes, the street goes both ways. Apart from downloading all the content in the world, you can share torrent files by making your own torrent too.

This feat. can be easily achieved by your ruTorrent client, which is pre-configured with your Evoseedbox.


Steps to create torrents using ruTorrent

Step 1: Open ruTorrent client from your Evoseedbox’s Client Area

ru image 1


Step 2: Click on the flask button in your ruTorrent.

ru image 2


Step 3: Inside the pop-up, add the file you want to share from the select source button.

ru image 3


Step 4: Click on create

ru image 4


Step 5: A console will appear on your screen, click on save to download the .torrent file on your device.

ru image 5


Step 6: Using this torrent file, share your original file using the BitTorrent network.

ru image 6