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Didn’t receive your details?

Did you check your email spam?

Is plex available on all plans?

Plex is available on plans speed and above.(starting from 8 $)

1. What happens when I reach my bandwidth limit ?

Your seedbox will be limited at 1 mb/s, We generally have a lot of bandwidth left by the end of the month in case you run out bandwidth raise a ticket with us , if we have bandwidth left we will allocate more for you free.

2. Is public torrents allowed?

You can download public torrents and stop the torrent , uploading is not allowed.

3. Where are the servers hosted.

The servers are hosted at evo-switch data center Netherlands.

4. IS autodl -irssi Installed?

Yes it comes pre-installed with all our boxes.

5.Do I have SSH access?

No, All major rutorrent plugins come pre-installed and we have set up auto reboot script so in case your seedbox goes down the system will automatically reboot it.

6. Is there any kind of contract?

No you can pay on monthly basis and the payments are though paypal.

7. Do we keep logs?


8. How can I change my password?

Raise a ticket with the support with the password you want and it will be changed.

9. I hope there are no VAT and / or processing charges involved?
No vat added.
10. I hope there is no setup fee.
There is no set up fee
11. I hope you accept payments by PayPal.
Paypal payments accepted only
12. The 10TB bandwidth you offer is just upload or upload and download combined?
Most people dont run out if bandwidth if they do and we have bandwidth free on the server we add more if required free , it is volume bandwidth but doesn’t applies to ftp transfers.
13. Please let me know if it will be possible for you to move data from my current seedbox to the new one.
Yes it is possible, if you plan to shift we will transfer your files.
14. I see that you have coupons for recurring discounts on your boxes. Does it mean that the price that I pay today after applying coupon will be the price I pay always or will this coupon added price work for sometime only?
It will be a permanent recurring.

15. Is http Download link provided ?

Yes a HTTPS link is provided with all plans so you can download from your browser.

16. Am I anonymous ?

Yes absolutely , we dont keep any logs neither will share your details at any cost.