FileBot Search for Subtitles

Installing Fliebot from the client area:

From your client area, search for the file bot and click on the install button.

filebot 1

When you open the app from the installed apps section you will be prompted to enter a password, your password is the password mentioned in the FTP detail.

filebot 2
filebot 3

Renaming files using Filebot:

After opening the filebot press the Load button at the bottom.

filebot 4

This screen will pop up. Then press “../” → home/ → Your folder(should be 1 option)→ then select what folder contains the files you want to use. Reference your FTP client if you are unsure where to navigate next by following the file path.

filebot 5
filebot 6

After selecting and opening the desired folder you can fetch new names.

filebot 7

After fetching new names click on ‘Rename’ button to rename the files , it will prompt you for a license key. You can purchase this key at here

filebot 8

Searching subtitles using Filebot:

From the home screen of filebot select ‘subtitles’ tab

filebot 9

Next, select the language you want and click find. You may be promoted to select your show/movie from the list, select the best fit for search.

filebot 10

After you select your show, you will get a list generated that has subtitle options. Select your desired subtitles and download them.

filebot 11

Please note, you will need to register an account at There is a limit on the number of subtitles you can download. If you are a VIP at opensubtitles, you will have less limits than free, or unregistered users.