Frequently Asked Questions

Why EvoSeedbox is the best premium seedbox?

EvoSeedbox has a highly secured data center, more than enough disk space for your online activity  making sure we tick all the following features such as,

  • Pocket-friendly budget
  • 24X7 customer care support
  • Quick outcome
  • Money back policy
  • Massive bandwidth capacity
  • First-class streaming experience
  • Quick access option
How do we offer a refund policy?

In the case of client dissatisfaction, we offer a money-back policy. If you want to cancel the subscription and want your money back then contact us within 7 days after you sign up.

How to buy EvoSeedbox and do I need a VPN with Seedboxes?

To buy EvoSeedbox, you will have to choose a package as per your budget and then click on ‘get started’. Afterward, follow the given directions and complete your purchase. Yes, VPN with a seedbox is always the best option for customers.

How to contact EvoSeedbox customer care?

To contact us, you can email us on our official id. Our customer executives remain active 24 hours to help you out.

How Does Evo Seedbox keep your online activity highly secured and completely anonymous?

Relish your private internet connection with seedbox torrenting anonymously with our EvoSeedbox subscription plans. In recent times, it is nearly impossible to maintain ultimate privacy, but with affordable seedbox plans from EvoSeedbox, you can keep your browsing history, servers logs, essential data, and emails secretly and safely without any digital footprints. We offer you online anonymity to freely surf the internet. Our packages are for everyone. Hence to enjoy endless streaming, buy and accept our deal. There is nothing more enjoyable than restricting your secret admirers from knowing your online steps.  Hire EvoSeedbox as we are punctual and come with immense bandwidth capacity

Why would you need EVO Seedbox?

Does your ISP block your search whenever you try to open banned websites? If so join the EvoSeedbox and enjoy free surfing over the internet. With our plex seedboxes package, you are free to visit any website, download any content, or upload videos. Every setup seedbox appears with the same IP address networks; hence you will remain anonymous to the globe. No one can trace your online footstep with a seedbox. In fact, it provides you with enough virtual storage so that it won’t be a pressure on your computer. Therefore, get in touch with us now.

Does Evoseedbox offer a budget friendly Seedbox subscription plan?

With Evo Seedbox, it is fun to experience a personal high speeds server that is not like normal web hosting. To date, we have worked with 5000+ customers and have successfully met their needs. With EvoSeedbox you can experience 20+ different types of applications. We are a team of the terrific trio that aims to offer Linux seedbox to our clients. Our premium network plans start from $5 per month to $26 per month. Furthermore, we are best to stand by you with 24×7 customer care services. Technical issues can take place anytime. With the EvoSeedbox activity team, you can expect to talk to a real person in no time.

What is the subscription plan for Box and Plex?

EvoSeedbox is highly preferred by the users as we provide affordable free torrent seedbox with box+Plex plans. With us, you can enjoy 2001 GB HDD for only $15 a month. Next, we offer 4001 GB HDD at $30 per month. Afterward, you can pay $45 per month to enjoy 6001 GB HDD. In the end, our highest offer is 8001 GB at $60 a month. For all the packages, our team members aim to offer support as required. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the fun of a private server hire us for an amazing seedbox setup.

IS FlareSolverr provided in Evoseedbox?

FlareSolver is already added with jacket app.User might see some errors on few trackers which could be mostly due to upstream or that tracker is down.

Is Rclone support provided?

No, Currently it is not provided but we are planning to bring it in near future.

Is SSH access available?

Yes SSH access is available but first the user has to download OpenSSH on the seedbox as well as on the user’s machine  for making a SSH based connection.

What is transcoding on Plex?

Transcoding is CPU based process which converts the media file according to the quality supported by the device.Currently it is limited to only one device due to processing power constraints.

Why am I not able to download Emby?

At a time only one streaming app is allowed to be installed on our seedbox due to processing power constrainsts.So if a streaming app is already installed you might not be able to install a second streaming app. You need to first uninstall the already installed streaming app(plex) and then you can try installing another streaming app(Emby).

Still have questions?

I you can’t find answers to your questions in our FAQ section, you can always contact us. We will get back to you shortly.