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What types of seedboxes you are provide?We’re providing few different plans, you can find the description of each plan on main page:

Are all the plans have same setup?
Basically plans are different in provided disc space and monthly bandwidth (upload limit).
Blitz has basic setup - it is don’t have some apps (Plex, Sonarr, Radarr, Omby, Emby, Subsonic, etc), have lower priority on support. Higher plans are have full list of provided applications.

I have Blitz plan and want to test Plex but I’m still not sure about upgrade. Can I have a trial first?
Ask for one day trial in support ticket, we’ll provide you seedbox with Plex for testing purposes.

What is the meaning of monthly bandwidth (upload limit)?
It is limit for seeding traffic. Download traffic, FTP transfers, sync apps’ traffic not counted into bandwidth.

When monthly bandwidth are being reseted?On my due date or with new month?
Bandwidth resets with new calendar month, it’s not depending on your due date.

Sometimes I run out of my upload limit few days before the end of the month. But I don’t need a higher plan, can I just extend limit somehow?
You can raise a support ticket and ask for bandwidth extension. If your server still have some bandwidth left we can extend your personal limit. But we are not allow to abuse this feature and if you’re breaking your limits every month you should think about upgrade to plan with more bandwidth.

I’ve downloaded a torrent and it’s not seeding. Why?
Most common reason - you’re using a public tracker. We’re not allow seeding on public trackers to prevent abuse of servers because public trackers usually have more connections and this loading server much more hardly.

I using private tracker but my torrents still aren’t seeding.
Check seeds of the torrent. If it has too much seeds you may have low priority to seed it.Also check the status of downloaded torrent. It’s should be “seeding”, not “finished”.

I’m confused with your setup and applications. Do you have tutorials for the apps?
Yes, you can look in our knowledgebase: https://kb.evoseedbox.com

I just installed some app in first time and it’s not working - page not loading and gives some error. What can be done?
Uninstall the application and choose “remove config” option during the process. After that install the app again, wait for few minutes and check if it’s working now. If this not helped, raise a support ticket.

How can I pay for my order? Do you accept bank cards?
At the moment we only accepting Paypal payments and Bitcoins and Payza.

I want to have SSH access to the seedbox or made some changes in the setup.
We’re not providing SSH access to our servers because of security reasons. Seedboxes are going with standard setup. You can request for custom changes but we do not promise to accomplish this.

Still not convinced?

We have 7 day refund period , cnacel within that period and get your refund. We would always be interested in knowing how we could have improved your experience.

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G Albert

Have been with these guys for more than 3years, they keep improving and innotvating their boxes deinitely Recommend.

// Evo Speed User

Seedbox can definitely make your life easier online , no more ISP strikeouts, never received any funny letters from ISP :)

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