Abuse Policy

Abuse Policy for Evoseedbox.com

Our Services are to be used for private use only , The below items are strictly not allowed:

Any malware and virus distribution

A. Below Type of content is completely not allowed.

Warez hosting
Nulled software
Phishing and any form of fraud
Any type of script and or file that tries to interfere with another’s website, server and or home connection (DDoS attacks)
Spam Unsolicited email
Hacking scripts

Child porn

Stress Testing or any sort of DDOS attack based activities.

We take it very seriously to ensure such activities do not take place on our servers and have further implemented check measures to prevent then , if you still find any such content or any other that you find offensive inflammatory in nature we comply within 3-6 hrs of any such notice.

Any abuse related concen can be mailed at [email protected] or [email protected]

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