About Us

A team of expert seedbox developers with an aim to create high-performing
seedboxes affordable by all.

At a glance

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Team Members
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Our Mission

Make high-performing
seedboxes availableto all

We have been a user first, so we know
what a client needs from their seedbox.
From top-rated applications and unlimited downloads to huge storage space and
great customer support.

So our mission as developers is to meet
those needs while making seedboxes
affordable for everyone.

What do we do?

Deliver the best configuration Seedboxes
Make customer support our priority
New apps keep the customers happy
Make it all affordable pricing

Our History

  1. 2008
    Started the company with a passion to deliver quality service.
  2. 2012
    Got the 1000th client
  3. 2015
    Launched a new range of high-quality VPS servers
  4. 2018
    Hired 20th team members to maintain quality of customer support.
  5. 2021
    Growing into a seedbox company renowned for its client retention and support