5 Alternative Ways of Using Seedbox

Author: John
7th Dec 2017

If you are plant lover and you know everything about gardening, probably you know how your ideal Seedbox looks like. Or if you have never downloaded anything from the Internet and you have never heard about Seedbox app, you imagine that Seedbox is something like this?









Actually, Seedbox is very convenient in usage web application, which helps you to download and seed data easily.

Let’s discuss obvious and alternative ways to use this app. Seedbox’es providers give to customers a lot of advances, compared with simple downloading data from pirate websites on the Internet. Here are some of them:
• They can provide powerful ruTorrent Webui. This webui comes packed with features.
• The design of ruTorrent is very simple and works a lot like the windows based uTorrent client. This ensures everyone from the most advanced user to the casual home user can get started with ease.
• Also, you can get a huge amount of HDD and you don’t need to overload your own computer. Privacy of users is extremely important, so providers usually highlight privacy policy like one of the biggest privilege for customers.
• You can get Btsync on request.
• You can easily browse your files you have downloaded on your browser.
• Also, many providers have online support, that can resolve any issues on priority.
• Evossedbox has Live Support Chat where you can solve your issues and queries immediately. Moderator guides you through the entire process and strives to make your seedbox experience perfect.
• Usually, all possible ruTorrent plugins come preinstalled including autoirssi, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of set up.
• Rutorrent is already secure but you can have free VPN with seedbox plans for your browsing privacy.
• You can get bandwidth up to 10 GB p/s and download your data with really high speed!
But all these features are not all, what Seedbox can give to you.



Here are 5 ways of the alternative using Seedboxes.


1. You can easily stream files from your Seedbox directly on your VLC. So you don’t need to download any of your data like videos, music, movies to your computer. Just connect your VLC to Seedbox and enjoy your home cinema.


2. Use it like cloud storage like Dropbox. If you really like downloading big amount of data, sooner or later your HDD will be full and you have to do something with it. Using Seedbox you can forget about this trouble. You can get up to 13000 GB Disk space. You need really to work hard to fill it all.


3. You can seed Linux distros.


4. Share files with friends. Even if your friends don’t have Seedbox subscription, you can send them data directly from your Seedbox. Just reserve some files and send your friend a link. Done! Now you can enjoy watching movies etc. even at your friend’s home!


5. You can stream data from your Seedbox to your TV using Plex. Evoseedbox provides you installed Plex by default, so you don’t need to have any other subscription.


One more extra feature for you!

Don’t you think, that you are too old to read comics? Of course, no! You can download comics books and with default app Mylar read comics from your laptop or even from your TV together with your friends or family.


We are sure, that it’s not all list of alternatives. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact Evoseedbox Team using our Support System or Facebook page.


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