Using Couchpoatato with seedbox

Author: John
13th Mar 2017

To Link couchpotato  to your seedbox you have to follow the below steps:

  • Open the web panel
  • Install Couchpotato
  • Login to couchpoato
  • Select advanced in settings
  • Set the user details in couhpotato Settings

Opening the web panel : 

Opening the webpanel is easy, login to your client area select services Seedbox webpanel open

Install Couchpotato :

Scroll below on your client area to the couchpotato button and click install

Loggin into couchpotato:

Click on the open buttton after couchpoatato is installed , It should look like this 

Once couchpoatato login screen opens up fill in your username name and password from your seedbox details :

Couchpotato will open up, on the bottom left xorner click on the gear optiona nd select settings :

Selecting Advanced Settings

On the top right part of screen there is a slider button put it to right to activate advanced options


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