Transferring files to your PC

Author: John
12th Mar 2016

Its quite Simple to Transfer your downloaded files from your Seedbox to your PC . In this segment we will teach you how you can do that quite easily. Its one time learning cure so just stick with it.

1, Get a FTP client like filezilla or cuteftp , winscp or any other client of your choice.

Filezilla download link :  Download the client version.

2. Install filezilla on your pc

3. Once the installtion is complete open filezilla and fill in your credentials ,we recommend to make a profile for easy access  as shown in the image below , to create a profile click on file and then site manager:

File transfer from seedbox

That is pretty much it , by default your files are located at downloads/manual , you can drag and drop the files to your folder in your pc or you can right click on the selected files and select download.


If you have more questions feel free to drop a comment or ask for help from the support center.


Have a gerat time seeding 🙂


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